Drone as a Service

What Does Using Drones as a Service Mean? 5 Amazing Services Offered by Business Drones

Drones are becoming more popular in many industries worldwide, whether construction, agriculture, or environmental monitoring. They deliver results for relatively little cost, and this added productivity means they are sure to stay.

However, aside from being vital tools for technicians in companies, they also see drones more useful as their service. Dedicated drone services for specific tasks now fill new niches in the market, from data collection to package delivery. 

How Are Drones Changing Business?

Drones offer advantages for different industries. They quickly give operators a bird’s-eye view of large areas, lending themselves to monitoring and surveying. They can even do 3D mapping or deliver packages if needed.

These are how drones and industrial drone services are making waves in the business world:


Pre-programmable flight paths and machine learning AI allow drones to automate inspections, surveys, and terrain mapping processes.


Drones allow operators to survey and monitor large areas faster and access inaccessible places with ease.

Economic Impact

Work is done faster when drones automate and streamline many critical processes, resulting in more savings and productivity.

Five Amazing Services Business Drones Can Offer

Drones are helpful in a wide range of businesses and industries to great effect. Many now use drones as a key part of their operations. Here are five amazing professional drone services made possible thanks to improving drone technology:

1. Photography and Videography

Renting expensive helicopters for aerial shots is now a thing of the past. Commercial drones allow you to skip the process and take as many high-quality photos and videos as you want.

Drones also give you more versatility than standard helicopter rides. Drone photography and videography lets you capture photos and videos of the following:

  • Wildlife
  • Film and video footage
  • Real estate
  • Sporting and special events

Compared to helicopters, drones are far cheaper and more versatile. Drone service companies can give your business the edge it needs to stand out while maximizing your savings. 

2. Search and Rescue

Search parties often take time when rescuing lost hikers and mountaineers. Searching on foot, with only flashlights, also exposes search parties to risks while traversing difficult terrain.

Not so with drones. Because of features like intelligent sensors and 3D mapping capabilities, UAV services can employ drones to speed up rescue operations.

It’s also possible for drones to carry packages and relief supplies to inaccessible areas thanks to their extra flight power. Some models even come with infrared and night vision, making tracking lost and missing persons much faster.

3. Agricultural Surveys

Commercial drones aren’t limited to taking high-quality photos and video footage. With drones becoming more popular and accessible, agricultural surveys for huge farms and plantations can also be subcontracted to different businesses.

With drones, farmers can save time wading through fields to survey and monitor plant health.

Drones can even help farmers monitor other factors in ensuring a productive yield, like soil hydration or pest infestations. Hiring third-party aerial drone services can be a good option for farmers who can’t afford drones.

 4. Building Inspections

Inspections for high-rises and multistory buildings can be costly and hazardous for maintenance teams, but not for drones.

Building owners looking to conduct regular maintenance or repairs can hire a third-party drone business for repairs. The latter can employ industrial drones to do close-up surveys of exteriors, rooftops, gutters and chimneys.

If you want to invest in drones, you can train employees to operate them for aerial maintenance. This way, you can monitor inaccessible structures, from towers to power plants, and even power lines. 

5. Drone Deliveries

Huge companies, like Amazon, have experimented with aerial services using drones in the past. While delivery trucks are still far from obsolete, drone shipping is already a promising option for many businesses today.

Drones can cover large distances faster than motor vehicles since the latter can easily run into traffic.

Rural areas can especially benefit from deliveries by drone companies because of their relative inaccessibility. Reducing labor and fuel costs allows delivery companies to make shipments more efficient since drones can fly themselves.

3 Smart Tips on Using Drones for Commercial Use

Today, it’s hard for many companies to not deploy drones for critical functions. However, the abundance of options in the market can make it intimidating for newcomers. On top of that, it’s also a technology that’s seeing more regulations as it becomes more popular. To make the most out of drones in your business ventures, consider the following:

Get the Right Permits

Businesses operating drones commercially need to register for certain permits and licenses. You will also need to comply with existing guidelines for drone use in your area.

Remember to Get Insurance!

While drones are becoming more affordable to the general public, they can still be a huge financial investment. Like most hardware, they can fail or break on the job without proper care or maintenance.

Invest in the Right Technology

Aside from high tech-drones, like the one available at zenadrone.com, you should also invest in supplementary software and hardware. It is especially true for businesses that offer 3D mapping or LiDAR imaging features.

The Takeaway

Drone technology has significantly improved, and it’s clear that commercial drone services are here to stay. Whether you need a drone or start a drone service yourself, it’s always beneficial to learn more about them.

If you’re looking for the right drone, look no further – you’re in the right place. The ZenaDrone 1000 combines the best of both hardware and software in a multipurpose drone that fills any niche.

To see the ZenaDrone in action, visit zenadrone.com and schedule a demo with us today!



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