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How Are Drones Revolutionizing Commercial Inspections?

Several countries have tightened the rules for using drones for business purposes. Many companies prefer to hire drone services. Besides having licensed pilots, companies also need people knowledgeable about maps and drone design. These requirements and skills are too expensive for companies to develop internally for short-term projects. In this article, we will briefly explain what drone services are and how they can be used for inspections in construction projects, agriculture, and other areas.



What are Drone Services?


Drone services, also known as “drone-as-a-service,” encompass a range of services that utilize drones across various industries. Their primary purpose is to provide assistance in aerial mapping and monitoring tasks for different sectors. Take construction companies, for example, who often rely on drones for their projects.


Drone service providers strive to offer a tailored solution by matching the correct type of drone to the specific needs of their customers. This means that drones may come equipped with different types of cameras and sensors, depending on the task’s requirements. Additionally, the expertise and skills of drone pilots may vary based on the specific market they serve. As a result, drone services offer a versatile and customizable solution for businesses needing aerial capabilities.



How Do Companies Use Drones to Conduct Commercial Inspections?

Drones are a significant improvement in visual inspections compared to traditional methods. They can easily reach dangerous or inaccessible areas, making inspections faster and safer for inspection teams. Here are some ways industries use drones for construction projects, agriculture, and other commercial purposes:-


1. Visual Inspections for Assets, Equipment, and Facilities

Construction, mining, utility, and energy sectors use visual inspections to monitor heavy equipment and facilities. Gas companies use drones to monitor pipeline integrity. Inspectors can fly the drone and collect visual data about an asset’s condition. Once the issue is determined, they can perform subsequent repairs faster and more efficiently.


2. Plant Health Monitoring

Farmers and agricultural companies may choose to book drone services for agricultural purposes like plant health monitoring or spraying. Special sensors capable of LiDAR or NDVI imaging are used to create maps. Using these maps, farmers can identify which crops are less healthy and in need of water, fertilizer, or pesticide. Farmers can also use visual inspection to check for pests instead of going there themselves.


3. Detecting Property Damage

Drone pilots can use 3D models from drone inspections to detect any visual or terrain changes in any given property. Landscape models generated by drones’ visual data can provide information like cracks and potential drainage issues. Companies can also get infrastructure maintenance drone services to assess and repair roof damage. Drones can easily detect pools of standing water, cracks in shingles, or signs of damage from severe rain.


4. Industrial Plant Inspections

Chemical and manufacturing companies often get infrastructure maintenance drone services to inspect their plants. Drones can fly and access otherwise dangerous or inaccessible areas without harming safety inspectors or operators. Parts like pipelines, cables, suction ducts, fermenter tanks, and storage bins can cause severe issues without regular maintenance.



What are the Benefits of Drone Inspection?

Many companies hire drones to help maintain their infrastructure because they offer many significant advantages for successful operations. Besides providing the necessary information quickly, drones also help keep costs low in both the short and long term. With a licensed and experienced drone pilot controlling them, drones can be beneficial for these companies and offer many benefits, including:


1. It Speeds Up Inspections


Companies use drones for inspections in construction, agriculture, and other areas to make the process faster. Drones can cover large areas of land or buildings much more quickly than ground teams. By using drones, companies can complete more tasks and take on more complex projects at the same time.


2. It Increases Safety


Safety is a top priority in the construction, mining, and oil and gas industries. Different stages of projects, from planning to material transport, require careful supervision. Drones and drone services make these tasks safer and more manageable at every step. Instead of risking severe injury during routine inspections, staff can rely on drone pilots to gather all the necessary visual information and data from a safer location.


3. It Provides Data Accuracy


Drones are known for their ability to gather precise data. Many drone models are equipped with high-resolution cameras and various sensors. For example, farmers who hire drones for agricultural purposes can benefit from multispectral imaging, while site managers can use drones for 3D mapping. The data provided by drones is particularly useful for commercial projects as it helps companies meet strict regulations and specifications. Additionally, drone data offers excellent documentation instead of relying solely on memory and traditional calculations.



Quick Tips for Finding the Best Drone Services


With numerous companies offering their expertise, it’s essential to navigate the options effectively. Here are some quick tips to help you find the best drone services that can meet your specific operational needs:-


  • Determine Your Needs
  • Research Providers
  • Assess Licensing and Certification:
  • Evaluate the Quality of Equipment
  • Determine Pilot Expertise
  • Ask About Customization and Flexibility:
  • Evaluate Cost and Value
  • Ensure Effective Communication and Support
  • Verify Insurance and Liability
  • Seek Recommendations

By following these quick tips, you can navigate the vast landscape of drone service providers and find the best fit for your business needs.



The Bottom Line


In several countries, the rules and regulations for using commercial drones are just as strict as those for other projects and operations. The skills required for operating drones are often beyond what a company can afford to develop in-house, especially for projects that only occur once.

Therefore, many companies opt to hire third-party drone services for their infrastructure maintenance needs. By booking a drone service to conduct inspections, companies can obtain essential data while keeping expenses at a minimum. If you’d like to witness the expertise of a professional drone service, feel free to schedule a demonstration with us today. We are excited to hear from you!




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