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DaaS is a drone service company that provides drone surveillance services to collect data from an aerial perspective so businesses can make better, more informed decisions for their operations.

We manage tracking, surveillance, monitoring, and scanning projects of any size in different fields and industries using integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning systems technology. Our team can help you reach your business goals with proven drone service solutions.

At DaaS, we aim to extend drone services to the public to access and use on their projects, businesses, and enterprises. Various industries can benefit from drone technology services by collecting, managing, and understanding data captured and recorded by drones. Our easy-to-use platform lets companies of any size optimize their workflows with scalable image analysis, data management, drone maps, and 3D models that are shareable in real-time. We're bringing the commercial and industrial drone industry under one roof by giving developers, pilots, and partners a platform to engage with each other and give them powerful tools to use aerial information in their daily operations.

DaaS envisions assisting private and public sectors across multiple industries with aerial surveillance, inspection, and monitoring flight missions, giving the next generation of drone pilots the tools, they need to succeed in accurately scanning fields, buildings, and infrastructures. We strive to consistently provide reliable drone service to help communities, businesses, and organizations streamline their work operations innovatively and efficiently.

DaaS provides multi-functional aerial mapping solutions to streamline your operations.

DaaS delivers easy access to multi-functional UAV mapping and surveillance solutions to acquire actionable information from an aerial perspective. DaaS provides you with everything you need from planning to implementation to automate inspection, surveillance, and compliance process and workflow.

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