Drone as a Service

Concrete Scanning

Quick-paced Scanning Method

Utilizing drones is the fastest way for concrete scanning. It gathers data in one snap through a mounted Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), detecting rebar, post-tension cables, voids, and electrical conduit. It can also be used for structural assessment, including concrete slab measurement and rebar spacing.

Building and Construction Inspections

Drone technology is a modern solution to optimize your project workflow. Using drones’ with GPR in concrete scanning for buildings and constructions is safe, non-destructive, and non-invasive. DaaS drones for concrete scanning can prevent damage to items such as rebar or conduit when performing destructive work.

Reduced Workloads

Concrete scanning in vast fields requires in-depth effort. Equipping your team with the assistance of drone technology makes the job easier. With our drones’ autonomous system, workers have a reduced workload with accurate data gathered.

Streamlines Worker Safety

Utilizing drones streamlines worker safety for concrete scanning. Our drones can effectively penetrate the concrete to determine what is inside it. GPR can help detect any non-concrete material or voids within. Damage to rebar and post-tension cables can be hazardous, potentially causing rapid structural collapse and harming or killing those on site. Electrical service damages within the concrete can cause electrocution or death.

Data Accuracy

Checking whether concrete is in optimum condition is vital to a successful groundbreaking project. Our drones’ cutting-edge software system entails accurate and progressive data for a more conducive concrete scanning.

Highly Advanced Scanning Features

Drone technology supports a modernized way of scanning concrete, grounds, buildings, and infrastructures. With our drones, you can easily integrate a seamless, safe, and efficient workflow and process into your projects.

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