Drone as a Service

Power Line Inspection

Increase Personnel Safety

Drones are the safest way to inspect power lines. They can hover in the air for long periods, providing detailed imagery and data while minimizing onsite accidents. DaaS drones’ extended battery life allows for longer flight times and data gathering to drastically improve the safety of linemen.

Reduce Inspection Downtime

Power line inspections are expensive and time-consuming. However, ground teams can optimize operations with the help of drone technology. Our drones’ capabilities and features ensure that inspectors minimize the time spent inspecting each pylon.

Register Thermal Imaging and Field Scanning

Assessing the conditions of towers and power lines is much easier with multispectral imaging. DaaS drones are equipped with top-of-the-line multispectral sensors, making them perfect data gathering and assessment tools.

Capture High-Quality Images and Video

Capturing high-resolution imaging and video footage is crucial in maintenance and structural assessment. With our drones, utility workers and linemen can now capture the information they need at a better quality and range.

Streamline Preventative Maintenance

We understand the value of being versatile on the job. Our drones’ customizability allows ground teams to make repairs quickly and safely. Preventative maintenance has never been easier with special attachments, from interchangeable lens cameras to robotic arms.

Work with Smarter AI Technology

Ensuring faster data delivery and in-depth inspection data has never been more convenient. Our drones’ advanced AI and integrated software capabilities provide real-time terrain mapping and GPS tagging functions.

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