Drone as a Service

Agriculture and Farm

Farming with Drone Technology

Agriculture is an essential industry worldwide. With the growing population, agriculturists and farmers also need to increase their production to meet the demand. Drone technology in agriculture and farmland allows them to optimize their field operations.

Aerial Surveillance on Farmland

The drone as a service in farming allows them to have solutions like aerial surveillance and scanning, where they can monitor field vegetation and crop health. Vast land and unreachable areas are usually challenging when manually monitoring crops’ status. This task can be easier by deploying a drone at any time. Its 4k camera and multispectral sensors can produce high-defined footage with further crop information to help evaluate the farm’s condition.

Monitor and Track Plantations' Health

Oversee the plants’ health conditions with the help of drone sensors. Drone sensors can spot crops’ infections and see changes in them. Recognizing threats and possible problems as early as possible will allow farmers to come up with immediate solutions. Thus, it avoids inefficiency during production.

Automated Planting and Seeding

A significant factor of implementing drones in farming is their automated planting method. Increase the production with a faster and more efficient way of planting. Farmers can deploy a drone to shoot seeds into the well-conditioned soil. It minimizes the usual manual planting cost while increasing the production result. Also, drone seeding helps farmers utilize every farm area efficiently, including the hard-to-reach sites.

Spraying Application

Farming with drone applications can allow agricultural producers to control plants’ water and chemical consumption in real-time. Drones can overlook the farmland and identify which specific areas need it. Spraying via drone allows farmers access to unreachable areas making the task more efficient than ever. Drone spraying also helps the farm industry stop using a chemical back spray that often causes farmers’ health problems. Hence, it maximizes efficient water and chemical spraying while saving costs and being more eco-friendly.

Provide Security for Farmlands

Farm owners can frequently overlook their farms at any time with drone cameras. It provides aerial viewing whenever there is a need to monitor the status or evaluate the farm operations. Using drones on the farm can also help find misplaced equipment, oversee the farm’s fencing, and even ensure intruders will not enter the vicinity. It aids in full supervision to maintain the security of the farm.

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