Drone as a Service

City planning

Accuracy and precision

Switching to drones can help increase city planning accuracy and precision. Using a stabilized flight pattern they can provide a bird’s eye view of an area, which engineers and experts can use to create more accurate maps and models.


DaaS can also help increase city planning flexibility. DaaS drones can survey areas that are difficult to reach by other means, such as inaccessible terrain or rooftops.


Drones can also help increase city planning speed by covering large areas in a short period, which can save considerable time and resources. Using multiple drones allows the ability to survey multiple regions simultaneously using an autonomous scheduled flight plan.

Enhanced safety

Using drones can also help to enhance safety during city planning because they can navigate through dangerous areas without putting personnel at risk. can also inspect buildings and infrastructure, which can help identify safety hazards reducing the amount of risk and liability for workers.

Reduced costs

Using UAV’s also known as drones also helps to reduce the costs associated with city planning. They are alternative options in place of more expensive traditional methods, such as renting helicopters or planes.

Public engagement

DaaS can capture images and footage of proposed developments that can be shared with the public via social media or other channels. It can help generate citizens’ feedback and input, improving city planning decisions.

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