Drone as a Service



Discovering archaeological sites comes first in archaeology. Our drone’s geotagging feature allows you to acquire new locations, detect life forms, and avoid potential conflicts.

Multispectral Image Sensors

Archaeology accounts for various factors, including detecting any life form in animals and plants. Also known as thermal imaging, archaeologists indulge in seeing life forms through drone use. DaaS drones can provide in-depth data using multispectral sensors.

High Quality 4K Camera Integration

Data gathering is essential when it comes to analyzing archaeological sites. DaaS drones streamline accuracy in decoding data from various locations of any project. It supplies 4K high-definition photos and videos because of its highly advanced camera.

Autonomous Flight Mode

Archaeology demands in-depth analysis on and off the field. Using drones’ autonomy, gathering data without endangering workers is becoming well-absorbed in any industry. DaaS drones offer an autonomous flight mode that allows users to get ahead of any project safely and accurately.

Extensive Data Collection

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration, drone technology analyzes and extracts archaeological data quickly and effortlessly. DaaS drones’ versatility makes them more conducive for archaeological site projects.

Longer and Faster Workflow

Archaeology takes time to collect data on sites and decode it right away. DaaS drones have an extended battery and cutting-edge software system. Through this, it optimizes workflow in an on and off-site operation.

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