Drone as a Service

Renewable Energy Industry

High-resolution, Multispectral Imaging

Visual inspection and assessment are essential in many processes for operating and maintaining solar and wind farms. Drones’ onboard high-definition cameras and multispectral sensors yield better data in higher quality, giving technicians the needed data for repairs.

Improving Site Assessments

Solar and wind farms need to be built on terrain that meets specific criteria. Drones can streamline and standardize this process with the help of 3D mapping. Using real-time ground survey data, engineers can design panels and turbines to be as efficient as possible in operations.

Streamlined Maintenance

Drones can scan and survey vast and hard-to-reach areas in less time than ground teams and human resources. With the addition of 3D mapping software integration, operations for solar and wind farms are smoother and take less time.

Accurate Weather Forecasting

Drones also come with onboard sensors for accurate weather forecasting. These allow maintenance teams and technicians to schedule repairs and maintenance for solar panels and wind turbines under more favorable conditions.

Risk Reduction and Management

Thanks to drones’ onboard high-resolution cameras, object and damage detection has never been easier. Drones can help reduce the risk of onsite accidents and allow power companies to comply with government regulations while optimizing operations.

Cost-Effective Resource Utilization

With AI integration, drones can make autonomous flights, allowing site maintenance managers to scale current and future operations. Third-party app integration works with real-time drone data to improve transparency and collaboration via detailed analytics.

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