Drone as a Service

Mining, Quarries & Aggregates

Mining Survey

Drones use intelligent field scanning capabilities to accurately determine the condition of mining sites, locations, measurements, and distances. It has highly advanced features like terrain mapping, surveying, stockpile estimation, surveillance, and inspection, making drones ideal for mining surveys requiring precise assessment solutions.

Drones in mining surveys can save costs while improving output, accomplishing objectives, ensuring safe mining processes, and enabling smooth and quick operations.

Utilizing ZenaDrone’s Technology

Drone as a Service uses a custom-built UAV with Artificial Intelligence and innovative capturing features. This drone technology is suitable for instantaneously rigid aerial stockpile measurement through a modernized surveyor method. Modern problems call for solutions, and drones can do the job efficiently.

DAAS provides surveying services for the following:

Drone Stockpile Volume Surveys

Select the modern approach to estimate stockpile volumes by using drones in mining surveys that produce real-time data. Drones make it easy to create 3D maps with accurate statistics using terrain mapping and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) integration.

As a service for stockpile volume surveys, site progress is more reliable, precise, and quick to track.

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