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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commercially called drones, can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business activities and undertakings. UAVs can reduce project costs by allowing more access to challenging situations and capturing high volumes of accurate data in less time.

UAVs reduce risks and provide real-time information by allowing close-up inspections of hard-to-reach structures and rugged terrains. Accurate side-by-side comparisons can facilitate informed decision-making and improve project quality.

We conduct aerial mapping services for large and small areas, including urban areas, master plan developments, and design and infrastructures. Our drone mapping services prioritize survey quality, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and significant safety at any given time.

Drone Mapping Services


Precision and accuracy are essential in constructing high-quality mega structures.

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Mining industry

Ensuring safety through real-time inspection and site assessment ensures the success of every mining operation.

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Roof inspection

Extended flight capability and maneuverability make roof inspections easier. 

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Renewable energy industry

Assessing structure integrity with drones has never been more convenient and insightful.

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High-resolution mapping and 3D digital modeling drive a new era of archaeological discovery. Read More


Aerial surveying and regular crop health monitoring are critical to precision agriculture. Read More

City planning

Effective city planning, and traffic control start with real-time high-resolution footage and imaging. Read More

Multispectral terrain mapping

Key insights come in many forms and many types of imaging, such as LiDAR and thermal. Read More


Real-time aerial surveillance and monitoring are essential to any successful operation. Read More

Power line inspections

Inspecting damages to power lines and towers has never been easier with drones. Read More

Map Any Terrain with Us!

Drone as a Service provides surveying and mapping solutions for industries such as Mining and Quarries, Engineering and Construction, Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Solar Energy, Archeological Inspections, Roof Inspections, and more.

Easy to Use

UAVs allow you to work in almost any location thanks to their vertical landing technology integrated with artificial intelligence and ultra-robust hardware design.

Efficient and precise

Enjoy extensive coverage of up to five hundred hectares (1,235 acres) at 122 meters with long-lasting flight capabilities, giving you as much coverage per flight without compromising any detail.


Advanced intelligence

Record mission actions such as aircraft movement, zoom level, and gimbal orientation to create sample files for automated inspections.

Enhanced Flight Performance

The drone’s advanced airframe and propulsion system provides a more efficient and stable flight, even in harsh conditions.

Multiple Payload Configurations

Configure your drone to fit your mission’s needs and mount up to a 2.7-kilogram payload capacity.