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Solar Panel Drone Inspection

Solar Panel Drone Inspection

Renewable energy industries’ solar power grid sectors rely heavily on periodic inspections and routine maintenance. Delivering uninterrupted power supplies to cities and neighborhoods means consistency and reliability of workforce and efficiency.

Detailed Data Collection

Detailed imaging and videos are vital in identifying possible damages and defects in panels. The traditional way of sending workers to sites can be hazardous, and manually gathering photos and images may be inaccurate. Gather accurate visual data without risking operators’ and engineers’ safety with flying drones integrated with powerful cameras.

Accurate Documentation

Document any site through an aerial survey with drones. Drones can gather high-resolution aerial images and videos for any disputes and claims. Drones can provide a valuable collection of helpful proof in any insurance claim.

Solar Panel Inspections MATRICE 300 RTK

Drones offer decisive advantages during the inspection of energy systems. Less accessible areas and areas of potential danger can be reached in a easier and more secure manner using drones. With drones, professional pilots can fly sensor systems such as infrared cameras and coronary cameras to the place of inspection to create precise aerial photographs with pinpoint accuracy.

Once these points have been captured, the surveyor can go back to their desk and generate a surface model. This model is compared against previous survey data, or a baseline surface or a virtual reference plane, to calculate volume changes.

Promote Practicality and Efficiency

Inspection and thermography experts will assist in every step of the way during the planning phase. Experts in these fields can offer comprehensive advice regarding all possible usage of drones when investigating heat leakages, damaged spots, and cracks.

Support Insurance Cases and Claims

Inspection drones can easily access a large area of solar panels in a short time. Workplace concerns, accidents, and faults can be quickly investigated and support more substantial cases.

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