Drone as a Service

About Us

About Us

We provide excellent drone services to various industries.

Drone as a Service consists of professional drone operators assisting companies and industries in inspecting, monitoring, aerial scanning, and assessing roofs, building structures, industrial facilities, agricultural fields, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. Our drone combines multispectral sensors, thermal and depth scanners, HD cameras, long-lasting batteries, and artificial intelligence to capture and store comprehensive data. It can help determine leaks, cracks, disintegrated parts, challenging areas, and damaged portions that the human eye may not easily see.

Drone as a Service is devoted to revolutionizing industrial surveillance, maintenance, and safety compliance. We are at the forefront of reimagining how businesses acquire, analyze, and exchange information improving the company’s assessment process and action plans, thus increasing the overall productivity and profitability of the business.

Drone as a Service envisions a world where drone technology is an everyday part of businesses, corporations, industries, and community life. We endeavor to bring success to our partners by deploying state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicle innovations into their daily operations. 

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