Drone as a Service

News Coverage

Remote Access

News coverage is made more efficient with drone use. Drones can help media agencies get coverage in places that are difficult or dangerous to access. They can also help media teams capture a different story perspective.

Live Coverage

Drones can help cover live and developing events more efficiently. They can provide a bird’s eye view of what is happening, which is beneficial for news coverage, especially high-action stories. It also helps reduce human resources as only one person is needed to operate the drone.


Drones are cost-effective devices for capturing vivid photos and videos compared to other methods of news coverage, such as hiring a helicopter. They are also easier to operate and maintain, reducing the costs associated with using them.

Increased Safety

Drones can help keep people safe by providing an accurate view of dangerous situations allowing an actionable decision-making process. It is instrumental in natural disasters or accidents where it would be too risky for people to approach the site.


Drones can help save time as they can cover a large area in a shorter time than other news coverage methods. It is handy in cases where time is of the essence, such as breaking news stories.

Improved Quality

Drones can help improve news coverage by providing high-definition video and images. It is beneficial in cases where good visuals are necessary, such as stories about emergencies and rescues, natural disasters, or accidents.

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