Drone as a Service

Construction Progress Update

Prevent Costly Mistakes

Workers manually measure elevations, distances, and surfaces while inspecting a project as part of the traditional methods of surveying and analysis. However, the manual process of surveying and inspection may not be efficient and accurate as it is prone to error. Misplaced numbers or miscalculations can delay or cease the work to be done. Extensive site research and inspection can also take weeks.

In addition to possible errors in the site evaluation, manual processes can also risk occupational accidents and communication gaps between employees, leaders, managers, and clients. Due to these errors and misunderstandings, companies can lose time, money, and resources. Hence, drone use becomes necessary to reduce labor expenses, delays, misunderstandings, and costs.

Provide Better Project Updates

Drones can deliver a full view of the work site within a few hours. This drone feature can benefit site managers in deciding on strategies according to real time information. Thus, site supervisors and managers can rebuild maps and assess terrains accurately, thanks to the detailed, accurate, and vivid photos and videos captured by the drone.

The aerial photographs provide visual assistance so key decision-makers can assess site development and progress.

Mitigate Risk

Using construction drone solutions, your team may identify possible workplace dangers before they become a safety problem. Construction projects could affect transmission lines, highways, pedestrian spaces, and buildings and can be assessed in more detail thanks to aerial photography. It mitigates risks that managers and site supervisors commonly address and encounter.

Additionally, drone updates prevent overpayments, cost shortfalls, and unanticipated obstacles. Reducing unnecessary overhead costs in any risk management program is essential. Drone photography gives managers a comprehensive overview of the entire site, making it simple to anticipate possible financial concerns before they materialize. Further, routine drone site inspections can reduce any additional financial risks that might develop as the construction project advances.

Improve Safety

Operations safety is one of the top priorities in field project inspections and surveillance. Drones can improve site safety by assessing the damages and required restorations from an aerial view. Aerial surveillance is safer and more effective than placing employees in precarious positions high above the ground. It eliminates the danger of exposing workers to dangerous situations.

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