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UAV Services And Its Seven Unique Applications

UAV Services

Drone technology is rapidly growing and gaining popularity in recent years. Drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), are gaining substantial interest from various corporations. A drone’s capabilities include remote control, semi-autonomous operation, high maneuverability, and environmentally friendly designs are highly invaluable to industries.

Despite their military roots, drones are now widely used in various industries, including energy, agriculture, construction, and logistics. Drones with powerful cameras and sensors produce excellent images and videos; robust batteries allow longer air time. Additionally, drones use GPS and other sensors for more accurate mapping activities.

Drone technology is more common in commercial industries such as agriculture, logistics, real estate, security, etc. However, there are other considerably more unconventional uses for drones. Although these applications are not typical and sometimes unique, these uses for drones are versatile and creative.

Seven Unique Uses For Drones

Some industries get drone services for wildlife conservation, while others use them for sustainable farming. Drones have a lot of potential, and many uses go beyond convention.

Here are seven unique applications for drones: 

1. Mobile Internet And Cellular Site Hub

When a natural catastrophe strikes, it often cripples the area’s telecommunications infrastructure. Although smartphones are common nowadays, only some have a signal or internet coverage. The absence of communication systems makes it difficult for first responders to operate.

The University of North Texas researchers investigated using drones to provide an airborne communication infrastructure. Researchers in Waxahachie, Texas, launched the “Aerial Deployable Communication System” in 2017. According to the researchers, the device can expand up to a transmission power of 10 watts. The drone can provide cellular service to a city, covering up to two kilometers during disaster relief operations.

The drone communication system is still under improvement. Researchers note that drones’ ability to stay in the air and service reliability still needs further study. Nevertheless, drones providing mobile internet and communication support to search and rescue teams are invaluable.

2. Gathering Whale Mucuous

Researchers get drone services for wildlife conservation and deploy these machines to gather vital data that are usually inaccessible. An example of this data is collecting biological samples from whales in the wild.

The well-being of whales directly affects the health of ocean ecosystems. Every year, either directly or indirectly, human actions result in the death or injury of tens of thousands of whales. If whales become extinct, not only will the oceans suffer, but also the entire globe.

Some drones can collect collecting samples from whales without the need for researchers to get close to whales. Drones fly overhead, collecting the blow (or snot) a whale exhales when it surfaces. The UAV then sends that sample back to the scientists at a great distance.

Human encroachment and activities impact whales, and finding stressors are vital for researchers to understand these animals’ welfare. A sample of the lung lining is necessary. It allows scientists to examine bacterial and viral loads, study DNA, and hunt for environmental contaminants in the whale’s system. The ability to measure hormone levels provides researchers with information on these animals’ reproductive cycles and stress levels. 

3. Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows seems like an ordinary task for a drone. However, window cleaning done using the old-fashioned technique is dangerous and time-consuming. A team of window cleaners would take weeks to complete a single building and work at dangerous heights.

Several multi-story infrastructures provide difficulties and become demanding even for experienced cleaners. Building facades are usually made up of various materials, such as:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Copper
  • Composite aluminum sheets
  • Stainless steel

Cleaning drones can access dangerous heights and clean windows without putting workers at risk. UAVs make cleaning faster and more effective than traditional methods, with workers using harnesses. Drones offer a more secure and effective way of window cleaning.

4. Real Estate 

Drones excel in providing clear aerial photos and videos. Brokers book drone services for real estate projects to acquire the best image of their selling property.

Real estate brokers market larger homes and their surroundings more effectively using aerial photography. Brokers can provide better insight into the property to their clients. Modernizing real estate with drones helps brokers offer clarity in the best way.

5. Light Show And Firework Replacement 

In recent years, drones are replacing fireworks as the preferred method for creating aerial light shows. Instead of fireworks, drones may be programmed to follow more complicated patterns and are reusable multiple times.

A team of experienced drone pilots must collaborate to execute a synchronized light show. Light show drones must have highly developed AI software that determines their flight coordinates and timing.

Drones provide a better alternative than fireworks. Fireworks are fire hazards and also startle and disrupt surrounding animals. Drones, however, are reusable and have the proper safety precaution with the correct programming.

6. Preventing Shark Attacks

In areas such as the coast of Australia, shark sightings near human-populated regions are not uncommon. Authorities and lifeguards need a method to prevent shark attacks on beaches and coastal areas.

UAVs monitor beaches in Queensland for sharks and provide data on shark movements and behavior. If drones detect a shark nearby, lifeguards can notify the populace and, if necessary, temporarily close the beach.

7. Avalanches Aided By Drones

Controlled explosives are occasionally used on ski slopes to develop new ski runs and generate avalanches before they occur naturally. Any situation involving explosives and tons of snow will be hazardous.

Artificially triggering avalanches are possible through various techniques, such as:

  • Hand charge delivery
  • Cannons
  • Permanently implanted triggers
  • Helicopter charge drop

An explosive charge or gas mixture detonated in the first zone of the avalanche. The explosion then causes a shock wave and adds mass to the snowpack, which triggeres the avalanche.

In Switzerland, artificial avalanche triggering is significant for safeguarding communities, winter sports destinations, and transportation routes. The technique uses controlled explosives to momentarily protect avalanche pathways, deposition zones, and potential starting zones. Drones remotely deliver explosives with a unique system. Explosions are then more rapid, secure, and precise.


Drone technology is still developing. The level of versatility and adaptability of UAVs create boundless applications that go beyond the norm. These seven unique applications showcase the numerous use of UAVs in animal and human welfare.

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